About the event

As a result of the contingencies caused by the coronavirus, the Liga Diamante debuted the innovative format of the Inspiration Games where the event was held in 3 different locations: Estádio Universitário de Lisboa, Bradenton and Walnut, in the United States.
This new format allowed the event to be staged by installing a streaming solution at each venue, aided by sound, LCDs and a video reggie that allowed the few spectators to follow the event in 3 different locations.
It was at Estádio Universitário de Lisboa that AVBOX joined this innovative project, installing an audiovisual solution that allowed those present to follow the broadcast of athletes Christian Taylor and Omar Craddock directly from the United States, who were competing directly with Portugal’s Pedro Pichardo, the race’s big winner.

Material Used:

For this event AVBOX installed a network solution that made it possible to connect the 3 LCDs using the same image. In order to manage the image as efficiently as possible and to ensure that there were no glitches, a video table was used. AVBOX was also responsible for helping the organization to provide the venue with a reliable internet connection that would allow the event to be streamed to the different stadiums, while at the same time receiving the signal without delays.


Liga Diamante


Estádio Universitário de Lisboa