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Mobiliário para eventos

The design of your event won’t be complete without checking the extra event furniture your venue needs. At AVBOX we know how important it is to have your space completely ready to receive all your guests and have a special event, providing a comfortable space with all the necessary conditions for the event to be a success. Event furniture will be the most effective service for adding a personal touch to an empty space, or simply meeting the needs of a specific type of event. With the experience that AVBOX has gained, working in the most prestigious event venues in Portugal, we have learned and become familiar with various solutions that we now make available to you.

After everything that concerns audiovisuals for events, be it light and sound, livestreaming, video, image, there is another important point in the idealization of your event: it’s time for the furniture. With various event furniture solutions, AVBOX is able to provide its partners with a turnkey event, with all aspects of your event’s needs covered. We know how important it is to have a 360º offer at your disposal when you are planning your event, so that you can simplify the planning and worry about other areas. That’s why we’ve thought of various complementary furniture solutions, such as chairs and tables or heating, for the space you’ve chosen so that everything is ready to welcome your guests.

As each space has its own personality, its own theme and its own needs, we have considered various models of chairs and tables, not forgetting, of course, accessories such as space heating. At AVBOX you can choose from various models for your event, depending on the space or your taste

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Available material

Whether for an outdoor or indoor event, something more ceremonious or relaxed, we have several options in our product portfolio so that you can comfortably choose the furniture for your event. We currently have various types of chairs, from wedding chairs to outdoor chairs, as well as various table models to choose from depending on the space of the event. We have also included various models of heaters so that you can meet the needs of the spaces you have chosen, without worrying about the well-being of your guests!


With a wide range of chairs for all types of events; from wedding chairs to meeting chairs. Let your guests relax and enjoy the moment by choosing the furniture for your next event with us.


We have several table options available for hire, from folding tables for banquets to outdoor tables, we have a wide variety for all types of events. Talk to us about choosing the perfect table for your next event.


Various spaces may have structural needs such as heating. We have several space heaters at your disposal to warm up your guests and maintain a comfortable atmosphere.

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