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At AVBOX we have lighting solutions and structures for your event. With various audiovisual solutions, choose from different product ranges to illuminate the space, wired and wireless LED decoration, stages, lecterns, among others that will help make your event memorable.

Count on the experience of the AVBOX team in the audiovisual market to help you implement the ideal lighting at your event.
In addition to all the technological equipment your event needs, there are several options at AVBOX, whether you need structures to place equipment, stages for speakers, curtains to cover windows, or simply trusses to decorate the space.



With 2×1 modules, you can choose from various sizes and heights depending on the size of your event and the space. Don’t worry, the AVBOX team will be there to advise you on the best size for your event.

Stage carpets

Although black is still the color of choice, there are several options for covering the stage at your event.

Truss towers

Essential for installing lights, but also used in some projector installations, ledwalls, screens and more. They are metal structures that allow you to suspend equipment, attach tarpaulins and screens or simply decorate the space.



Essential in the management of the stage space is the placement of the pulpit, where the speaker will go to speak.

Cable trays

In many cases, the installation of equipment will require cables to be run to various locations. But safety can never be ruled out and they should be protected with cable trays to protect your guests as well.

Relax, your event is about to start

Our team of experienced professionals will do all the work to make your event unforgettable.

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