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When opting for a streaming solution, it’s important to analyze the space where the filming will take place. The lighting conditions are very important if you want to get an excellent image. Internet conditions are also essential so that the video plays without pauses and everyone can access a fluid view of the content you want to show.

Always analyze your space and project the entire event with your audiovisual partner; the presence of a director will allow you to have informative graphics and take your content to another level.

AVBOX suggestions:

  • Give your audiovisual partner a clear message of what you want so that they can recommend the best solution;
  • The presence of a director, even remotely, allows you to make shots of the speaker, as well as switch to the view from your desktop, or show both at the same time;
  • If you’re in a dark place, choose to install two stage lights so that the image is clear and sharp;
  • Choose the best platform to broadcast your content, at AVBOX we have platforms that allow chat between participants as well as the possibility of live guests;
  • The graphics will be made in advance, so analyze the image you want to convey with your partner so that the colors and fonts are in agreement.