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For an event to be a success, it is essential that the planning is as detailed as possible. With so many variables to control, such as sound and light, projectors, event production unfolds in several areas that demand a lot from the organizer.

  • Start by trusting your audiovisual partner, it’s a very technical area where sound and light equipment is complex. With the right partner, all you have to do is pass on the details (number of people, event schedule) and you won’t have to worry about anything else.
  • In addition to sound rental, the projector is very important, as it will be the window through which all the guests will see the message to be conveyed. As such, one of the main rules of event production is to adapt the best projector to the conditions of the room (brightness, distance between screen and projector, etc.).
  • Trust and pass on all the information to the technician who will be in charge of your event. The sound technician will always be near the sound desk throughout your event. They need to know the correct timings for each presentation and will need feedback during the event to adjust all the microphones on the sound desk, so that you get the best out of the sound equipment you have chosen.