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In event production, in addition to sound equipment, an area of great importance is image. When renting audiovisuals for your event, always bear in mind that the image devices, whether a projector, videowall, ledwall or LCDs, will be responsible for getting your speaker’s message across to the entire audience. It is essential that you analyze the space before choosing a solution. The projector is a solution that should always take into account the brightness of the space, because in places with a lot of light, the image may not be as visible as intended. If you want a more reliable solution, Ledwall offers the necessary guarantees. Always consider a ledwall with a distance between pixels adjusted to the location, for every mm of distance the audience should be 1 meter away. In other words, if you choose a Ledwall P3, the audience should start 3 meters from the ledwall. Finally, if you want to show images and video, a videowall could be the ideal solution, as it offers an excellent image at a lower price than a ledwall. However, you can always count on the LCD’s margins, so if you have a presentation with text, you can hide some of the letters.