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We all want to make an event special, an event that will be remembered and that will have an impact on the guests. However, in a market with so many daily events, it is sometimes difficult to achieve this differentiation.

At AVBOX we work every day to ensure that our clients achieve this goal with new audiovisual equipment, new approaches and spaces decorated in their colors with special light and sound solutions.

AVBOX suggestions:

  • Make a technical visit with your audiovisual partner to analyze the space together and study the best light and sound solution to install.
  • The installation of lights always elevates your event and makes it special because it has your colors and your logo
  • Estimate the number of participants, it is possible to install a sound system adapted to the number of participants and in some cases smaller and with a more modern design.
  • Choose to use a ledwall over projection. It has a fantastic impact on your audience
    In addition to decorative lights, use robot lights in your brand’s colors and create a different and dynamic space.
  • Don’t forget that all the cables will go to the sound mixer, so take a good look at where you want to place the reggie